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"You can measure your worth by your dedication to your path, not by your successes or failures."

โ€” Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic


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Favorite Sense

"For me to pick anything other than touch would be a lie. Touch is my favorite sense of all time. Over time in relationships, I noticed how much I was connected to physical touch. It could be as simple as a forehead kiss or a scalp rub or something a bit more passionate. Touch is my love language and I've been spending time exploring different ways to apply my love language to myselfโ€” that aren't the obvious, lol. It can be running my fingers through my hair or creating some type of whipped shea butter/oil concoction so that I feel soft are all apart of my self-love languages. Even the sensation of getting tattoos feels good to me."
- Jourdan Ash

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We are Baltimore natives unifying to provide different perspectives. Our roots are deep in food, music, fashion and culture. 23rd Sense is all about multiplying your senses while tapping into experiences that you normally wouldnโ€™t. If you're looking to get down with some of 23rdโ€™s finest you'll likely find us mixing and mingling in honor of Restaurant Week, Internet Week, or, you know, Tuesday.