How to save time and money while shopping

Shopping is something that everyone needs to do whether you like it or not. Some of us love to spend hours in the mall going from store to store or online filling up our check out baskets on our favorite online store. And then you have some people who could care less about shopping and are cool with wearing the same jeans for years at a time. So I've decided to put together a list to help us who spend way to much time in one store and end up spending way to much money. These questions and tips should help anyone with a upcoming event to shop for or just a regular wardrobe pick me up.  

  1. Know what you are looking for. I know when you're shopping and have somewhere to go you probably have a look in your head that your going for but the stores you're able to get to may not have specifically what that is. So know the simple basics of what your looking for. If you're going to a cocktail party you're of course not shopping for jeans and a leather jacket so stay focused while in the store.
  2. Have a set budget. We all want to be able to ball out and cop a Alexander Wang dress for that birthday party you get invited to but that may not be in your price range. So just know before you step in the mall or store your not spending more thank x amount of dollars. And even with your budget still look for sales. It's always better to save.
  3. Be hands free. This one is for my ladies! When I shop I make sure to have a light weight cross body bag and my hands are able to carry as much as they can. Also if you're able try to shop without the kids. This way you're able to fully focus on getting in and out of the store.
  4. Ask yourself how can I wear this. When you're shopping for a specific reason or you just need new pieces always ask yourself how many ways can I wear this and if it isn't more than three ways put it back. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten clothes for an event the day of and I've never worn them again and now my closet is jammed packed. Remember it's always quality over quantity.
  5. Try it on! Yes I know this can be draining and you just don't feel like it but believe it'll save you sometime and a extra trip back to the same store.
  6.  Go to the mall early. It's always best to get to the mall or store your shopping at early so you don't have to dig for what you want and of course their are less people in the store.
  7.  Can you return it? It's always helpful to shop somewhere you can return an item to. Personally I like to go home and sometimes style my item with some already have and sometimes that warrants a return if i realize this item isn't for me or doesn't fit the way I like.
  8.  Do you have anything similar? It's simple if you have a black oversized sweater don't buy another black over size just because it has some detail on it. All you need are your staple pieces and from there once and a while purchase a "wow" piece. It's always quality over quaintly.
  9.  Do you need it? Shopping is not always a necessity so make sure whatever you're buying is something you need or something that you've earned.
  10.  Do you feel good in it? Overall when you shop no matter what for you should always feel good in it. If you feel confident and comfortable you've got a winner!