Meating's Cancelled!

So, how many times have we all tried to make the conscious effort to eat healthier? I mean, like really face the fact that we aren't supposed to be slaughtering and eating animals for our pleasure? Really decide that we're going to, at least, cut out pork and red meat? We ALL know that pig is just not meant for human digestion. But when we're born, raised, and living in a predator-prey world, how do we throw away life long eating habits? There are mouth watering food commercials being shown every second, restaurants and carry outs on every corner, and, of course, friends and family who will purposely test you when you say you're on a water and air diet for the week so you can quickly lose a pound or two. Not to mention, one of the main reasons why it's hard to make the transition to a healthier food diet, it's twice as expensive! I don't care that what I'm about to say is an excuse, but, this shit is HARD. Anyway, I just got tired of trying to cut meat out on my own, so I decided to ask my 5-year vegetarian co-worker some questions about his transition. His name is Rome, also happens to be a dope hip hop artist (music below). Rome is pretty much the light in our gloomy lil office. His positivity and magnetic energy sends vibes all throughout our work environment. Awesome dude.

So as he's eating his cold to room temperature bowl of rice, he prefers not use microwaves, he opens up about his journey and personal experiences with not only his food diet but his lifestyle as a whole.

Let's get started.

What are some of the easiest and hardest parts to transitioning to being a pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan?

The easiest part about being a vegetarian in today's modern times is that it's been made so readily accessible. As far as Trader Joe's, WholeFoods, it's pretty much easy to find what you want. I feel if you have more of a variety, more options to buy, you'll do better as far as just trying to fit in this lifestyle.

Okay, so what about the hard part?

I think the hardest part is constantly being around people who doubt that it's a sustainable lifestyle. A lot of people, when you tell them what you're doing, a lot of people won't be supportive. They'll try to make you break your own code even though they know you're trying to stick to a strict regime. You'll get a lot of naysayers who just try to throw you off your path because it's something that they might not have been strong enough to do before.

So, how do you deal with those naysayers?

A lot of times I just go ahead and look into the research and show them people that have successfully done it and being able to keep up their weight, their protein. Sometimes I may even use myself as an example, I'll say, "Hey, look at me. I'm keeping my weight down, protein up. I'm doing workouts".

What do you say to the people that believe it's just too expensive for them to live this lifestyle?

I believe that people who don't choose this lifestyle don't realize that how you have cheaper, inexpensive markets, like a Save-A-Lot vs. a Giant, that same type of contrast exist in the vegetarian world, like a Trader Joe's vs. a WholeFoods.

Ok, wow, I thought they both were expensive markets.

Nah, WholeFoods to me is more commercially driven. They carry some of the biggest names in the vegetarian foods. Trader Joe's have a lot of their own brand stuff. And because they manufacture a lot of their own they can sell it for a cheaper price.  How do you stay disciplined?  That's the best question. I set a regime for myself. I know in order to really do this I have to cook my meals in the morning. So, you definitely can't be lazy. (lol) Yeah, you definitely have to reprogram your lifestyle to fit in the things that you need. Another thing that helps me stay disciplined is researching the nutrients that I'm eating. The thing is, if I know how it works for my body, like if I know taking in copper and zinc from my food as opposed to taking it in vitamin form, like, I know I'm taking in vitamin A from kale, knowing this makes me stay disciplined. I feel like I'm eating with a purpose. And all the erase arch that I found came out to be all true. If I eat certain foods for energy, then I'll feel the energy. So not only am I researching but I'm actually feeling the results. So of course, that's another reason to stay disciplined is seeing the results.  And finally, what are the benefits of this lifestyle? What even brought me to this lifestyle I read an article in The Source magazine, before vegetarianism had blew up to where it is now, and they were asking certain hip hop artists, like Erykah Badu, Common, and Andre 3000 about this lifestyle. They were all vegetarians at the time. They were saying that the diet helped them during performances and they had more wind and energy. Benefits for me, personally, I can eat more without packing on a lot of pounds. One thing is, there are a lot of big people in my family and I feel like hey, I got the same genes as them, why am I not fat? It's the results. I don't get sick, hardly at all. My immune system is 5 times stronger. I used to be a sickly child. It's like I'm seeing my life in reverse. I'm aging slower. I also feel like my mind is more active and sharper. When you sit back and just see yourself changing its a good feeling. ~~

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