Miracle on 34th Street

I am a bit of a scrooge whenever the Christmas season approaches. This season, I decided to go see the lights on 34th Street for the first time since I was a child. When I got there I was overwhelmed with holiday spirit. The street was crowded with adults, kids, and (trained) pets. One side of the street is what you would call…minimal. The other side of the street looked like Christmas has a stomach virus and was exploding with lights and decorations. You can go into people’s houses, kiss your honey under the mistletoe, and even buy art. Speaking of, my favorite house had to be the house that belongs to Jim Pollock (the house with the tree made out of metal parts). I walked in and his living room was his own art gallery full of sculptures made of metal. You can say that my experience was truly…a miracle. I was not expecting to enjoy myself as much as I did. I know that a lot of you have an ample amount of vacation time and are dying to get out of the house. So go out and go see the lights on W. 34th street!

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