Sitting On Top of the World

Now I hate to sound cliché, but The World Trade Center is the perfect place for existentialism. Take a ride to the top floor and take in the 360 view of Baltimore. I visited during the day and the only way that I can describe the view to you is…think of the last scene in Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory. I went another time at night while I was on a date. We found ourselves talking about our career goals, our ideal family structure, and our favorite memories together. It’s the perfect place to really sit and put things into perspective. Plus it’s a dope place for a photo op for my “aesthetically conscious” readers. It’s located in the middle of downtown Baltimore on Pratt street (location, check), it has marble elevators (who doesn’t love marble? check), and you get to view the entire city (double check). There are plenty of places to eat, shop, and drink in the surrounding area too. The World Trade Center is all around a great place…so go! Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any of your dates that doesn’t end well.