Stung by Stang’s what I was GOING to say about Stang of Siam, but…well…you’ll see… If you know me, then you know that Stang of Siam is one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore. Stang of Siam is a Thai restaurant that everyone should just try. I go here for dates, girl’s night out, and holidays such as Mother’s Day. So do you see how this restaurant can fit any occasion? Now…the food…the serving size is more than enough. You definitely get a bang for your buck here. The entrees vary between $12-$18ish and I always have a to-go box at the end of my meal. The presentation...your meal will come out hot and fresh on a beautiful colored plate or inside of a pineapple (depending on the dish you order)…even the chopsticks are aesthetically pleasing! (I know I’m using a lot of ellipsis, but that’s because I’m so passionate about this place) On top of everything else, the location is perfect. It’s not too far from a frozen yogurt shop, Walter’s Art Museum, and only about 10-15 minutes from the inner harbor. Go get stung at Stang of Siam located at 301 N Calvert St.

Here’s what actually happened…

The night before the post was due, I went to Stang of Siam (ya know just to get an updated picture of the entrée). I invited my girlfriend (girl as a friend…because y’all like to assume) with me to catch up after a long semester and I’ve been bragging about this place to her ALL semester. “WE HAVE TO GO!” So she saved her appetite (as did I) so she could make room for all of the deliciousness she was about encounter. LET ME TELL YA’LL (because I’m pissed). We walk to the door and there’s a big YELLOW sign saying that Stang of Siam is closed due to failure of the health inspection…what?! I was lost for words ANDDDDDDD embarrassed! They let me down. Then they were closed due to a roach infestation, something something unsanitary, and something about temperature. My favorite restaurant y’all…gone. It hurts my heart because I don’t think I can ever comfortably eat there again and it saddens me that I can no longer recommend this once great place to you all.

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