Tis the Season to Giving Back

Sometimes I get a little depressed and emotional when I do volunteer work. Everything is put into perspective for me, and I feel low when I realize that I cannot save the world. I got wind of one of the coolest ways to give back this season and it actually didn’t make me depressed! A group of Poly alums (Raymond, Charles, David, and George) got together and decided to give the homeless a pizza party. The creator of the Pizza Party Tour, Raymond, wanted to find a way to have fun while giving back. This Pizza Party Tour consists of lots of pizza, haircuts, and a boutique shopping experience. The Pizza Party Tour felt very nostalgic…imagine a typical 5th grade pizza party on a Friday. I felt very warm watching everyone engage in conversations and dance battles all while doing it for a greater purpose. I was so inspired by the Pizza Party Tour; I had to get an interview with Raymond.  

What is the inspiration behind the pizza party?

I wanted to do a tour for those in need, but I didn’t just want to give out food and then just leave. I wanted to party and socialize. I feel like talking will save a life more than a sandwich. When we were little, pizza parties were the second best things after field trips.

What exactly are you providing for the homeless?

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Pizza, drinks, music, clothes, and fun. We are providing a boutique style shopping experience, so whatever you see just throw it in the bag.

How can people follow the tour and get involved?

Follow Pizza Party Tour on Instagram. You can donate any clothes that you have. We are taking Baby Phat to Moncler…we want everything. A box of pizza only costs $5 and a slice costs $1. We aren’t asking for much. If you just want to come and hang with us, just hang with us. It’s a party!

What are some of the cities that are on the tour?

DC next on 12/13, New York in the third week of December; and next quarter we are going to follow up with LA, Philly and Delaware.

What’s the ultimate goal for the Pizza Party Tour?

In five years I see a major sponsor, like maybe Papa Johns, Domino’s, and Little Caesars. I see a music tour, like mainstream artists coming out to perform for those in need. When do they ever get to see a concert? New boutique stuff out of the stores like Supreme and BAPE…everything.

Is the Pizza Party Tour based in Baltimore?

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This is definitely a world tour. Baltimore is where we have to start because that’s our home town so it makes sense. This is actually our last stop in Baltimore, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. After that we are global.

What is your favorite pizza?

Raymond: Pizza with no the sauce, so it tastes like a bread stick with toppings.

Charles: Hawaiian

David: Pepperoni

George: Cheese