A Master Cleanse: How do you shop?

Hey everyone! First and foremost Happy New Year!!! I hope you all are starting off your year focused and on that diet you planned because i know you planned one. Anyway since the new year started I've started to clean my apartment like a maniac and now I’m moving on to my closet, and when I say that I say it while dragging my feet and developing a headache simultaneously, UGH :( When I have to pick out an outfit it can literally take me almost an hour because I no longer like any of my clothes, I mean i don’t like anything. I have so many pieces i bought out of impulse and trend and now nothing I have connects to who i am. I’ve cleaned out my closet many times but this time I’m doing a master cleanse. I plan to give away about 85% of my wardrobe in an effort to start fresh. I can’t think of a better time to do this and it’s step in the direction of re-inventing myself.


The big question I've posed to myself is why am I holding on to the pieces I have? What was I thinking when I bought them? And how do I shop now? Overall these thoughts have just proven how much I've grown as a woman and showed me what I don't want. The fun part will be to create the wardrobe I do want. I'm honestly not sure what I want my “style” to be but that will be the fun part, I get to try different things. This is something I think everyone should do every few months. It helps to get you chi in order and have a clear view for how you want to present yourself to the world. So I challenge you to assess your closet. Do you want to focus on a full closet cleanse or just organization? EIther one can be extremely beneficial. Below i have tips to help you figure out problem areas in your closet. Also stay tuned for my actual closet cleanse and see what I am giving away. Enjoy your weekend people!

Signs that you should do a closet cleanse:

  • You wear the same pieces often (3-5 x's a week)
  • You haven't worn a piece in over 2 months.
  • Your closet is jammed packed and unorganized
  • You forget about pieces you have because it's so much to choose from.
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