Mellowed Out

Alright, so…I would really love to just dive into how much fun the Mellow Mix was, but I have to address the weather first. The week of CHRISTMAS, Baltimore was experiencing 70 degree weather. 70!!! The week of Christmas! The Mellow Mix was on January 4th, and the temperature outside was 24 degrees! I’m just trying to figure out how we skipped the 50 and 40 degree weather within a week and a half, but I digress. I was so not in the mood to go to the Mellow Mix in this weather, but being the die-hard Baltimorean that I am…I decided to go and be supportive. It was so worth it! I am actually very happy that I decided to go.  The Mellow Mix is one of the best places to go to see up and coming artists in Baltimore. Now, I’ve been to the Mellow Mix before and this time was different. Usually there’s a good turnout…you definitely could get a seat before. This time around, the venue was packed. I literally shared a seat with a girl next to me (that’s right…ass to ass). To me this was a good thing. It was nothing less than positive vibes in there. As a matter of fact, I sat at this random table with a bunch of women...and guess what? They were not rude and they made me feel welcome at their table (because I went alone). The Mellow Mix is definitely a place you can go to and just vibe with people with similar interests.

Now…The Mellow Mix (sorry it took so long to get to this part). The Mellow Mix is hosted by three extremely creative individuals; Josh, Caly, and TT. Gruvye Drew dj-ed the event this particular Monday and was pretty amazing (I was seriously jamming in between performances). The Mellow Mix is a platform for local artists (poets, singers, rappers, comedians, etc.) to sign up for open mics and perform some of their pieces. There were performances by Chey Z, Cierra Lionne, Demetrius Shakur (just to name a few), and a featured performance by Mani Marino. The Mellow Mix is well worth staying up on a Monday night. You can get your life on every 1st Monday at the Wind Up Space from 7-12.

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