because, game day 🏈.

Not necessarily my favorite time of year but I'm almost.....feeling it. Like a shot of Hennessy feeling it. You know? But seriously, I can't even believe it's already February. What are you guys doing this weekend? I’m into shopping and movies and of course SUPERBOWL partiessss. And maybe some more shopping?

Let's talk about it.

SUPERBOWL weekend. Not that I care about anything other than the wings and fun-tastic dips and appetizers I get to devour whilst watching a group of guys tackle each other on a field for a ball. Don't judge. I'm not a complete princess. I do actually know what the important plays mean AND the teams that are playing and that has to count for something? I mean, that's basically all you really need to know.

Anyways, since the world gets excited about this game I figured I'd shared a few recipes I'm dying to try and some you'll probably need in your Superbowl life.

Ohmygosh, KALE PESTO PIZZA. Brb, currently drooling.

WHOA, there is a God and he loves me, becuase, BACON GOAT CHEESE GUAC. stawp, no seriously.

these are honestly a miracle. SPICY HONEY CRIPSY and BAKED. like, how could you not?

and these BUFFALO CHIX WONTON CUPS, the cutest liddle poppers I ever did see.

SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP, cuz if this ain't love.

Oh, square up if you think I'm sharing ANYTHING on this plate. FRIES you MUST try.

and because I'm a baltimore girl, you have to have HOT CRAB DIP. And this is not, nor ever will be up for disscussion.

I reeeeally hope you guys get to grub out on a few of these, I'm trying them all. I mean it's all you'll need for a perfect day Sunday. Besides, whether you team wins or takes the L, your tastebuds will love you, forever. And at the end of the day, that's all the matters.



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