this is exactly the way to my heart.

YOU GUYS. I'm not sure I've ever craved anything like I am craving a good chill session. I mean, seriously. With Valentine's Day on Sunday (happy birthday Fresh Presh!) and Prez' Day on Monday, I'm preparing for a lowkey weekend with birthday celebrations, boys, and fun.

So I've decided to go old school and show you guys how to properly netflix & chill this v-day weekend. I mean, who really pays attention to the movies anyway? At least this time around you can include all the sweet, buttery and salty popcorn your heart desires. I'm continuing to fuel my obsession with sweet and salty. Except I've experimented a little and added a some sprinkles, marshmallows and conversation hearts to the party!

posts ideas (sarah)
posts ideas (sarah)

This is so much, GIMME. Like, oh my gosh. It is SO good, easy and super adorbs. I'm not even a huge white chocolate fan but, THIS RIGHT HERE. You might actually make it through the movie.....or, nah? ;)

What You'll Need:

8 cups of popcorn (lightly buttered and salted) Mini-marshmallows SPRINKLES heart candy 1 bag of white chocolate chips, melted

Here's How:

So first you'll want to pop the popcorn on the stove. You'll need about a 1/2 cup of popcorn seeds to make about 8 cups. In large bowl add the popcorn a little salt and about 2 tbs of melted butter. Toss it around and set aside. Then you'll want to melt the white chocolate chips.

READ THIS FIRST: Because, MAJOR KEY. This is a side story about how Cort and I had to make two trips to the market because I RUINED an entire bag of chocolate. Long story short, you only want to heat the chocolate chips on medium heat in 10-15 sec intervals and after about a minute give the chocolate a good stir and then waaaa-lah you'll have a bowl of perfectly melted chocolate chips.)

Ok, back to it. You want to drizzle the white chocolate over the popcorn and fold in together. After you have a good consistency of white chocolate on the popcorn you can toss in the marshmallows and give it another good fold. (I may or may not have gone overboard but, I mean who's counting calories?)

Lastly, you'll want to lay out the popcorn on a cookie sheet and spread it out a bit. Grab a handful of your heart candy and go crazy. Do the same with the sprinkles and let it set for about 10 mins and DIG in. They form little bite-sized mouthfuls so you don't have to watch portions or anything.


Have great weekend, netflix and chillin' and let me know how it goes!