Valentine's Day w/ 23rd Sense ❤️

Whether you're slaying like Kelis in '03 & bringing all the boys to your yard or slaying, like the Queen, Bey of course (you knew), for your man, we have the perfect ideas for you for Valentine's Day. Let's start with this heated, sensual, overly stimulating playlist from Neish's Frequency that requires a disclaimer; the pullout King WILL be defeated. Oh yes, this playlist will take you there.  All the way there. It will IMMEDIATELY get your juices flowing, literally. I'm trying to find my chill but I just so  happen to be listening to it at this very moment and... We'll just begin with the music. But, the goal is for you to end with this playlist as well. As you're laying with Bae, let him know he has to make this last #untilthemusicstops. And yes, it's 14 songs. So. Put. In. Work.

[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /] Now. While you've got the vibes echoing throughout the crib head over to your kitchen with these sexy tips from Sunday's w/ Sarah...

I'll be undressed in the bra all see through Why you count your jewels thinkin' ima cheat you? The only one thing I wanna do is freak you Keep your stone sets, I got my own baguettes And I'll be doin things that you won't regret ...

OMG, ya'll it's almost THAT day. Yes, that weird holiday where you find out who really like/loves/crushin' on you. What up V-Day! I don't think I've been ever this excited to see you. It's been a loooooong year full of ups and downs. Love and fuckboys. But you know what? I'm going to see how many things I can get into right now, I have a plan for you this Valentine’s Day: make yourself an adorable breakfast. Emphasis on adorable. Ladies throw on that nightie and special lace thong, silk robe and get to the kitchen. If you have a BAE, he's automatically included. If not, Lil' Kim's "crush on you" playlist in full affect.

Shall I proceed? Yes, indeed.

Ok, back to it. I'm talking all the freaky fruits and foods, covered in whipped cream and drizzled in honey and/or chocolate. It will be sexy no matter how messy. I PROMISE YOU, this is a major key. Now this is just a teaser, I'll have all the recipes, and freaky foods up and live on Friday. Until then order your lingerie.

Next, you're going to need the perfect garments to feel that right amount of confidence & sexy.  Style w/ J Alex will get you together whether you're entertaining yourself or papi😝.

Valentine's Day is the one holiday you want to be extra sexy and remind your man just why he's spending so much on dinner and a gift (yes fellas she deserves an expensive dinner and gift lol). So of course I'm here to give you some inspiration for a look with plenty of sex appeal with a classy touch. No matter if you're going out to dinner or doing something out of the ordinary you want to look your best. A Valentine's date is one of those times you want to how off all of your best features. You can go with a sleek close fitting dress with a killer heel or keep it subtle and sexy with a jumpsuit or blouse and slack. Either one is appropriate for any outing.

Now after you and your significant other  have danced and had dinner it's time to skip into something more comfortable. I'm usually not the lingerie type but Valentine's Day calls for something special. Pull out all the tricks, props, & don't forget to set the mood with our playlist tonight.

We gave ya'll plenty of help for sexy time with bae....but now it's time to help out my single people. If you think you're lonely now...wait until the 14th. Kidding! Time to figure out exactly what you're going to do if you happen to be single with a little help from Cort's Cult.

Today’s generation is full of liberated free spirits who are okay with being single. Being single does not necessarily mean that you have to be lonely or sad. Some people just…rather not catch feelings. I created a list of 10 fun things to do for Valentine’s Day weekend.

Go snow tubing! Gather up your friends or your favorite hoe (no offense) and hit the slopes!

Host a Netflix and Chill Party with your single friends…or your favorite hoe. Get some snacks, a few bottles of wine, and binge watch a few good shows (my personal favorite right now is Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce).

Go to Hooters! Hooters is having a promotion if you bring in a shredded photo of your ex, you get 10 free wings. I might actually bring in a shredded photo of my current boyfriend…just for the wings.

TREAT YO' SELF! All of that money you were planning on spending on someone…ha! Spend it on yourself! Get a pair of new shoes and prance around the house naked in them or something. Get a manicure, pedicure, a massage, or facial. Be bold! Send a note to your crush. It is #ShootYourShot2k16. Meaning if you have a crush…make sure that they are single. DO NOT COME BACK HERE AND COMMENT THAT I GOT YOU BEAT UP. Send them a letter or a note or something. If they are free, voila…you now have a date! You’re welcome!

Secret Valentine! Kind of like Secret Santa. Gather all of your single friends and exchange gifts. Now you don’t have to be upset about not getting anything.

Finish that old book or any other hobby you said that you’ll do.

Go out! Go to a karaoke bar, go bowling, get dressed up and go to a club. Plus you may run into other single people and maybe find your new boo.

Go out with the opposite sex! Sometimes we just want the company of the opposite sex. Take one of your single platonic friends and have a conversation…kind of like Battle of the Sexes. I can tell you why men are dogs and you can tell me how crazy women are. It’s always a great debate!

Now that we've covered all of the bases...go forth & conquer. Remember to make it hot, steamy, and sexy. Spend the day appreciating bae, your friends, and most importantly...YOURSELF! Be safe out there, and tell us what ya'll plan on naming your kids.

Safe word: Honeypot🐝

Happy Valentine's Day!

From the entire 23rd Sense team❤️