Around The Globe in 1:12:56: How My Obsessions Lead Me To Create a Globally Diverse Music Catalogue

So this is me after discovering a new artist, especially a new sound; obsess over song. Obsess over album. Obsess over interviews. Learns who their influences are. If their influencers happen to be someone I am not familiar with, then I research and the cycle repeats. See, my obsessions lead me to get to the root of things. How did you come to create this sound? Who influenced you? Who influenced them? Hell, lets take it all the way to ancient traditional sounds and rhythms and instruments and dances. Next thing you know you're sucked in the culture of some small village in East Africa or an Aborigins tribe in Australia. The more we go back and research the better we understand how most of our music culture is actually influenced by any other culture outside of our land. Y'all know how "they" like to swipe from others and make it their own all in one swift move. Something that I've come to realize is that most of the time some of our favorite American musicians idolize foreign musicians.Willow Smith once referenced a song by the band Hiatus Kaiyote, who was at the time unfamiliar to me. So of course, curiously, I looked up the song, then the band, then I was hooked. They almost immediately became one of my top five favorite musicians ever! Later, I attended Hiatus Kaiyote's show in Silver Spring, MD with my girls Cort and Jordan and it was absolutely A-MA-ZING! The lead vocalists, Naomi aka Nai Palm, expressed her cultural influences (take notes white women:)). Aren't y'all tired of the same shit? Same music that you can barely understand? Same lyrics about the same topics? Same artists with them same, some times annoying, but sometimes fun, ad-libs? Same bass lines? Same samples? Cus I be TIIIDDDEE. If we continue to do the same things over and over we'll never be able to produce change. The way we eat and love and dress and listen to music are all examples of the way we live, right? Okay. So the way we live should always change as we grow, right? Okay. So, hopefully, with the playlist below I can help at least one of you to change the way you listen to music. #MULTIPLYYOURSENSES Step outside of the same genres of music that you currently listen to and be open to something totally different. If you're already an open listener like myself then hey, that's great! Pass this post on to some one who is not. But if you are not, and the names below are unfamiliar to you, then you may be surprised at what you hear. You may not only hear influences from some of your current favorite artists, but it may even influence you as well. Creatively, the music from these artists bring out the best ideas for me! I lie to you not. Sometimes I work more effectively while listening to these artists over the artists you would hear on your local radio channels. Except Jeezy. Pastor Jeezy always hold me down :)



Hiatus Kaiyote - Melbourne, Australia

SBTRKT - London, England

Nicolay - Sweden

Kojey Radical - London, England

Little Dragon - Gothenburg, Sweden

James Blake - London, England

Daft Punk - Paris, France

Ego Ella May - London, England

Bjork - Reykjavik, Iceland

Little Simz - Islington, UK

FKA Twigs - Southwest England

Sampha - Morden, South London

Kimbra - Hamilton, New Zealand

Nao - Nottingham, England

Quadron - Copenhagen, Denmark

Sade - England

***Unfortunately, Quadron, FKA Twigs, and Sade I could not add to the playlist. Worth every second if you just punch them in in your Apple Music, Spotify, or Tidal apps!***