A Babe With Noname; Spotlight On This Week's Favorite Artists

I'll get to Noname's debut project in just a second, but to be honest, I really just wanted an excuse to speak on the ohmygoodness of this bomb mixtape by Lion Babe, Sun Joint. For two weeks straight I've been vibing out to it! And what do you think of when you read "Sun Joint"? That gigantic star beaming down on your exposed melanin as you're riding down the highway blowing clouds out the roof of your convertible with both of your besties, right? Thought so. So, yeah, so thats pretty much the #mood when its in rotation.  The 11 track mixtape includes "Still In Love" featuring Junglepussy, which we also included on our #backonroad playlist. But my personal favorites are "Don't U Worry", which is a rework of ODB's Got Your Money & "Jungle Lady Remix Pt. I" featuring Raury. Like, you really couldn't have chosen a better male for this remix.

So, about this looooong awaited project from Noname! Telefone really is exactly what you expected or were hoping for, if you were already familiar with Noname. If you are not, Noname, formerly Noname Gypsy, was featured on many projects in the last few years like pretty much all of Chance the Rapper's projects, Mick Jenkins, Kirk Knight, Jamila Woods, Jean Deaux, I feel like I'm missing other artists but I hope you get my point. She's been buzzing in her hometown of Chicago for some time now and has finally blessed us with music of her own. I feel like she never really planned to be an artist, but, had fun creating music with her friends, where she then created fans which then came a demand for her own music, and, so, here we are. No matter the song that Noname was featured on, she came with a pretty mild, settled tone every time, which is why I say the SOUND of Telefone, as a whole,was probably predictable for most. But what has made Noname an artist in demand is because of the dark but realness in her lyrics. Take for instance, "Casket Pretty" is about her friends and the rest of our youth dying in the streets. "Bye Bye Baby" she brings love in the connection of a mother and her child right before an abortion. Just like how Jhene Aiko can make heartache, pain, and love sound so beautiful, Noname makes death sound like the inside of heaven's gates. I just thought, this record reminds me of an Alice and Wonderland movie but with the odds being that there not being any happy endings.

But as darkness shall fall, morning will rise and "Sunny Duet" is that perfect song to be set as your morning alarm clock. "All I Need" is my absolute favorite because a Noname x Xavier Omar (fka SPZRKT) collab was only ever going to be great.

One of my favorites from Xavier Omar:

Schoolboy Q's "Blank Face" is TOUGH as shit and I CANNOT wait to see him and Joey Bada$$ on tour.

Ravyn Lenae re-released Moon Shoes ep, another one of my faves, w/ two new songs and I'm really feeling them.

Congrats to Dj Khaled! And Nas Album Done is fucking flames.

OHHHHHHMYGOD! How did I almost forget, Nao finally dropped her long awaited album as well, For All We Know! Her voice is rediculous! And from the videos I've seen of her performing live, she sounds exactly like the audio. "For All We Know" really is a fun, disco record that happens to make me crave for a Toro y Moi and Nao collab sooooo bad. But she also has tracks like "Fool to Love" which could have easily been a Brandy record in the early 00's.

And another mandatory mention is that Maxwell's album blackSUMMERS'night is THAT album that can single-handedly keep r&b alive. It really is a tidy the house and make dinner, get ready for date night, or just a relaxing, let-me-make-some-alone-time-for-myself, grab some wine, kick your feet up, skim through your latest issue of vogue, type of sexy album. No skipping necessary. I guess y'all know this already because when has Maxwell ever given us a bad album?

ELDORADO by Ro James is a really great debut album which is holding it down for the r&b heads as well.

Gucci Mane and Chance the Rapper are always worth the mention because...Chance...and Gucci. Gucci will always be in rotation and his come back game on OD strong right now. And that boy Chance came so correct with Coloring Book that it will probably always be in rotation for me, even if its only to play D.R.A.M. Sings Special and Blessings (both versions).