Chins Without Beards Deserve No Honor

In society today: where image or ideals of what a person "should" look like, to be accepted is at an all time high ; LAHH, Instagram (instant gratification + gram = like a drug), tummy teas and waist wraps - a man w/ a beard has fallen into the dreadful world of fads and is no different. HOWEVER, this post isn’t about that.Just as much as there are plenty of people with beards - few know how to truly care for them. I know…some people might ask “what makes him an expert?” Well, its said to master anything (or “to become an expert”) 10,000 hrs must be invested. Well, I’ve been dawning a beard since I was 18. That’s 87, 600 moments of self identity. 87,600 moments filled with purpose. A recipe for maturity.


Unknowingly, lunged in to an ADVENTURE , growing with my beard has blessed me with life fulfilling experiences,meeting passionate, genuine people and unearthing  wisdom. A responsibility of preservation and strength rooted in a rich history. Very deserving of recognition, true practice and respect.

First stop, Grooming.

A clear, clean face is the best environment for your beard to grow. With healthier skin, hair will grow more freely and stronger - now a favorite resting place and comfort zone for your lady to relax.

Below are some tried and tested products ranging from soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Moisture improving and moisture retaining natural products such as raw African Shea butter, organic coconut oil, natural / essential oils.IMPROMPTU PSA!: (I felt this has to be said and it sort of sets the tone so..)

We here at 23rdSense proudly support and promote Black Owned Businesses! Committed, meaningful practice of group economics is Our responsibility as entrepreneurs and creatives to protect and preserve (stimulate & empower) Our personal economy.


Next, is shampooing and conditioning. Some of the world’s greatest thinkers (Einstein, for example) birthed evolutionary ideas in the shower. Point being - slow down. Pump your brakes. Relax and be mindful in the cleansing of the beard. Respect the beard. Love the beard: Key note -  shampoo twice; condition once.

True fact.

That, in itself requires time (total regiment = 20-25 mins), but makes a WORLD of difference and is of great benefit if followed. I know, I know. Some readers may say, “well what if I’m in a rush?” First; plan better (lol). Second, if you DO decide to shampoo and condition on the run, thoroughly lather the shampoo to grab as much dirt and build up as possible. Condition according to desired softness ( which ironically equals strength; if its stiff and brittle, well you get the point), but don’t stress too much. The moisturizers will essentially compliment  other natural products and have your Grizzly shining like a champ.

Last, but certainly not least is maintenance. Yes, maintenance. Natural products, burning incense, meditation and chants, alone (or even “having the juice”) aren’t going to wish your beard into fruition. Attention and care has to be given in order to bare fruit.



As with any regiment; one process may require more attention than another. For example: 1. Someone with coarse skin or an ingrown hair (or hairs) is recommended to use lemongrass and tea tree soap to invigorate and aide in healing broken or severely dry skin. - Lemongrass (soap) is also very good for persons with acne or oily skin and can double as a shampoo substitute.

Benefits: exfoliates skin and regenerates cells deep cleans restores complexion (lightens scars)

2. Someone with fairly healthy skin (acne free, free of ingrown hair or razor bumps) is recommended to use African Black soap or soaps that contain Shea Butter as a main ingredient. - each of the soaps recommended also fare well for people with sensitive skin. Benefits: restores complexion (creates even tone) moisturizes skin deep cleans

Side note: due to the citrus in lemongrass (which is a natural acid), extended use may leave your face feeling dry. As a substitute for lotion, coconut oil and / or Shea Butter is recommended.


Shampoo: Brand: Shea Moisture Type: African Black Soap Purpose: African Black soap as a shampoo removes build up and rinses away clean without stripping essential oils that hair naturally produces. Cleans skin as well.

Conditioner: Brand: Shea Moisture Type: Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner Purpose: High in moisture retention and leaves beard incredibly soft. The more moisturized your beard, the less of a chance for breakage or patches (thinning spots) developing.

Masque: Brand: Shea Moisture Type: Yucca & Baobab Anti-breakage Masque Purpose: restores broken, damaged hair to full health and is recommended to increase moisture . Also serves as a leave in.

(*Sounds horn*, blasts confetti) We made it! We have arrived to the final step to conclude the post, then I’m outtie 5000.

MAINTENANCE! There’s a lot of speculation around “what to do” in helping the beard flourish, but only a few (tried and proven) steps are required: 1. I suggest using the entire line of Shea Moisture products listed and in that order. 2. When at the barbershop, allow your beard to grow out as much as it possibly can. Even if there are patches in growth now, be patient, trust time and it will grow more full. 3. Go every 10 days to 2 weeks to give the beard enough time to establish a pattern. 4. Have beard trimmed every 6-8 weeks to encourage new growth.