Everything You Need to Know About OVO FEST/Caribana

Hey guys! So let’s gets straight to it…OVO Fest & Caribana was hands down one the best experiences of my life (yes, seriously). I’m really going to try to get through this without speaking Patois and offending my West Indian readers. The festival was held in Toronto, ON from Thursday, 7/28 – Monday, 8/1. I arrived on Friday afternoon and left Monday afternoon. The Budget

I decided to stay in an Air BNB for the duration of the trip. The total cost for two people from Friday to Monday was $280…which was great! We had a nice condo that overlooked a lake, it had a balcony, indoor pool, rooftop grill, and an underground garage. It was located in the middle of a shopping center which had a bank, grocery store, liquor store (which are very hard to find…I’ll explain later), and a beauty store. We had a budget of $260 USD which converted to $342 CAD (Canadian Dollars). Yes, you do need your passport. It took 8 hours to drive each way, but if you spilt the drive with people you’re traveling with; it’s not a bad drive at all. It took about 3 tanks of gas to get there and come back home. I just wanted to give ya’ll an overview of the budget because I want EVERYONE to be out there next year shaking your ass. So save your coins now! Now to the fun stuff…!


Listen…if Trump wins this election…just know that you can find me chillin in Toronto. The temperature in Baltimore was a muggy ass, humid ass 85 – 90 degrees the entire weekend. Toronto was a breezy 70 – 85 degrees so my hair and make-up was in TACT all weekend. Guys…I guess your balls wouldn’t have been as sweaty or something…idk.

Apparently, they are stricter on alcohol than they are on marijuana. The ONLY liquor store that I saw in Toronto was the one in the shopping center that our Air BNB was in. You know how you can find a liquor store every 5-10 miles in Baltimore? Well it’s like that in Toronto…but for weed. You can get 2 pre-rolls, and a half baby (which they generously packed) for approximately $36…so I heard ;) They even have a place called Hot Box which is B.Y.O.Weed, and they have a patio for you to openly smoke with other people. They also sell a bunch of junk food if you get the munchies.

Everyone was soooo friendly which was refreshing…because America. For example, I was walking around downtown Toronto and happened to get lost. A guy walked by, then turned back around and asked if I was lost or needed help with anything. People weren’t afraid to strike up a conversation with you…it was too good to be true. The vibes were amazing. Now that I think about it…Toronto is basically a stoner city, so they have no choice but to be mellow.

The Food

Mannnnnn…so they had this bomb ass grilled cheese spot called…Grilled Cheese lol. I ordered a three cheese, jalapeno, and spinach grilled cheese. It was the gooiest, cheesiest, messiest, most delicious grilled cheese I ever tasted. For dessert, I had ice cream…inside of a churro cone…CHURRO CONE! It was topped with chocolate sauce and walnuts. I also found this gourmet hot dog spot and ordered a soy bean hot dog…which was still great. The bun was made out of potato bread and was toasted to perfection. The bun was fluffy, warm, and just melted in my mouth…seriously. I found a bunch of other great spots too…but those were my MUST HAVES!

OVO FEST/Caribana & Other Stuff

As I’m writing this…I am still WHININ IT PON MI CHAIR!!! Sorry, my West Indian readers; I had to. Let’s start with Caribana. So I think it costed somewhere between $20-$40 to walk in the parade and to see the competition. However, since the person I went with and I are scammers; we saw an opening in a gate and just walked into the parade (just kidding about the scammer part). In all seriousness…we lucked up and saw an opportunity and went for it. I do suggest that if you go you buy a ticket. From the outside looking in…you’re lucky if you even get a nice photo. There were soooo many beautiful women (and guys) dressed in their costumes with their asses out; representing their homelands…it was just beautiful. So after they finished their competition they walked in the parade and…well…all hell broke loose. ASS SHAKING, TITTIES SWANGING, LIQUOR EVERYWHERE…SCENTS OF CURRY AND JERK CHICKEN IN THE AIR. Ya’ll really just have to go.

Screenshot Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Screenshot Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

OVO Fest was great too. I ended up going to the Drake and Future concert which was on Sunday. Drake came out and…is STILL doing Hotline Bling choreography for every damn song he performs. Future is still pissing codeine. Oh! RiRi made an appearance which I jumped out of my skin for…but she was fuckeddddd up. Lil mama came on stage with her long trench coat, her knee high boots, coochie cutter shorts, and sunglasses…per usual. She started with “Needed Me” went into “BBHMM” and then brought Drake back out for “Work”, which I enjoyed the most. Then they performed “Too Good” in which baby girl FORGOT the words. I get it…it’s OVO Fest and Caribana so do your ting. After that she walked off of stage and dropped her sunglasses off of her head and kept walking. Overall, the concert was great…the visuals were amazing. If you like Drake and Future…I suggest you go. They put on a good show.


As far as the other events…I didn’t go. I’m not a club or party type person so I definitely was not spending $50 to stand in a club while I watch celebrities in VIP pop bottles…I’m good. So Lebron had a party, Yes Julz, Hot 97, your mother…everyone threw something out there, so it was plenty to do. I decided to fill my time with sight-seeing and really getting a feel of Toronto.

All in all…this is something everyone should do at least once in their life. The trip is inexpensive, the drive isn’t too bad, and you’re guaranteed a whole lot of fun. I even stopped through Niagra Falls on the way back home! So I hope that this will help you all plan out your trip for next year…because you HAVE to go.