New Music Playlist #THIRTEEN

Good Morning & Happy Monday!!! If you've been following baby girl Zadia then you'll be pleasantly surprised at the vocal twist she put on her latest track Time Machine produced by the crazy talented Dylijens. I'm on to you releasing these one minute tracks, Chey! lol

I've included Smino on a few of our previous playlists but now I'm starting to realize he might be here to stay. He has such a distinct voice, flow, and bomb production. I've found myself going directly to his soundcloud just to check for new releases (rare). I do feel he is the type of artist that may have to grow on you but eventually he will grow on you. lol.

The last track on this playlist by J.P. Floyd was accidentally discovered, but I am truly grateful for this random discover because the flip on this Stevie Wonder sample/cover is amazing! Rocket is literally my favorite Stevie record and he did it justice. You'll also be pleasantly surprised on the remainder of his ep that follows the Stevie cover.

Now, to my LOVE MICK JENKINS! HOW PROUD ARE YA'LL?! HOW PROUD?! And luckily I was able to add my favorite from the album Drowning ft. BADBADNOTGOOD. Dawg, it's nothing but L E V E L S in this 6 minute revelation! And how many of y'all are so glad SOMEONE actually said out loud that "when the real hold you down you s'pose to drown" DON'T MAKE ANY DAMN SENSE.  That's why Mick going always be my mans. I wasn't too sure if I would attend SXSW 2017 but him and Goldlink always make me rethink my decision. I've watched them grow in the last three years and my most fond memories of them takes place in Austin, so sometimes I feel obligated to go back every year just to continue to witness their growth.

Hope you all have an amazing week!