Take whatever you may need from this. -Neish

To all women and trans women. There is a power rooted so deeply inside of you that for some it may take a lifetime to find.

But that does not have to be the case for you. You must first make yourself aware of this power inside of you. Truly believe that you possess this power. Make it a daily goal to find it.

You do so by striving to be YOUR BEST PERSON. Be completely honest with yourself and recognize your flaws and make daily attempts to correct them in a positive way. This is what they meant when they say "it starts within you" my loves. The rest will follow. THE REST WILL FOLLOW.

Beautiful woman, wherever you are, whomever you are, I love you.

This power. This power is so strong that once you have found it you may become overwhelmed by how much peace you have received from it. This power is so bright that all energy that surrounds you or is connected to you wants a little peace and piece of you. And you are so intelligent and graceful and oh yes, so powerful, my love, that you WILL know what to do in each situation and for each person. You will know.

Teach our babies this.

My beautiful, strong, protective, selfless men. I am a woman. I represent women.

We love you.

We love you.

Even when you feel that not a single soul in this world does, we do. If you give up, you will never find this love.

This is unfortunate for us as well... we need our love reciprocated. eventually.

We are patient.

You may have connected, or will connect, with women who have yet to find their power. Do not allow this to affect you negatively. We are learning with and from you, as well.

We WILL be here.

Right here.

Right there.

And over here.

We are patient. We love you.

Teach our babies this.

We all deserve to be overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

Take whatever you need from me

and from this...and teach our babies this.