Are 'They' Pushing Black People Out of Baltimore?

I have a few questions:Have you noticed bike lanes popping up in your neighborhood?

A new café, bar, and/or juice bar?

How about a Walgreens or Starbucks popping up on your street corner?

Well, let me be the first to welcome you to GENTRIFICATION!

I’m going to inform you on how ‘they’ are trying to push us out of the city. Let’s start with my personal experiences shall we?

So being the bougie broke bitch that I am; I love going to the rooftop bar at Four Seasons…or at least I used to. You used to be able to walk right in, take the elevator to the rooftop and enjoy a nice view while sipping on a mojito. NOT ANYMORE! I recently visited with my sister and was halted at the door by the host greeting us with a “Hi, can I have your room number, please?” My sister and I looked at each other confusingly and responded “No, we aren’t guests.” They let us stay, but informed us that they no longer allow the “public” to their rooftop.

I also began noticing that typically white spaces started changing their music to more inclusive music. You could walk into a bar and hear your favorite trap songs and have a good time with your friends. Then when a few of us turned into a lot of us…they started changing the music back to the safe, annoying, pop songs or annoying EDM. You’d be in mid-twerk to “Black Beatles” and somehow some way, the DJ will ruin the song with an EDM version. You can find this happening at places like The Get Down (R.I.P.), Sticky Rice, Nacho Mamas, Rec Room and CVPs just to name a few.

Now if you don't want to take my word for it, let's get into some facts.

Ever hear of the Shanghai Maglev Train? It's a train that operates at 270 mph in Shanghai. ‘They’ are mocking that exact train for Baltimore/DC commuters. This new train will be able to teleport transport you to DC within 15 minutes. This little project will cost roughly about $10 billion. You think they'll have junkies and “urban”citizens surrounding their precious $10 billion train? Guess again.

photo: The Northeast Maglev

Let's move on to the Johns Hopkins Biopark. Johns Hopkins is already taking over Baltimore City. ‘They’ have also been holding meetings with urbanites to figure out how to make citizens making 6 figures comfortable living next to people making $20k. This new Biopark will be located on Wolfe Street perpendicular to Ashland, Eager, Chase and Biddle Street. The Biopark will consist of healthy restaurants, a world-class sports science institute, a grocery store, a farmers market and more.


If that isn't enough for you; let's talk about Under Armour’s plans for Port Covington. This little project will take up about 260 acres at the low price of $5.5 billion. Guess whose tax money is paying for this project? That's right, yours. I mean, I guess in return we will have 26,500 new jobs with this addition...yay!

They are trying to tidy up the city and make it more appealing to…white people. They are trying to interrupt our spaces. The target areas for gentrification include Pigtown, Charles Village, Greenmount West, Reservoir Hill, Station North, Sharp-Leadenhall and much more. Don't get me wrong, gentrification definitely has positives such as lower crime, locally grown food, more jobs and overall economic growth. The problem is that they don't know how to make these changes without pushing out the citizens that have occupied these spaces for years. With the recent outcome of the presidential election, it is imperative for us to hold on to the little bit of safe spaces that we have left.

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