I came up with the concept for this shoot while reading a really composed article in Interview magazine featuring the chief of worldly black girl magic, Solange Knowles. The photo spread was geared towards her in mostly loose garments while still accentuating her frame. She wore a golden ultra merino silk suit I was practically hypnotized by. She wore each look with such confidence and it made me think about how versatile women are and how many hats we wear on a daily basis. Oftentimes a woman is expected to be well-mannered, composed and "lady-like," whatever the hell that means. Then there are times we are fearless and liberated.

And that's the beautiful thing about being a woman. We have so many layers, complicated yet simple. So many Dimensions.

After a brainstorming session with my good friends and creative partners, Cortney Watson and Jayson Carter, a bottle of wine + several blunts later I started to devise the set design, lighting and the overall story we wanted to communicate.

For this shoot I knew that the model I used had to be a woman whom I knew personally. Someone whose struggles I was acquainted with and witnessed her conquer. Naturally, my best friend Neish, CEO of 23rd Sense was an effortless pick and she's always open and available whenever I need her.

The magic we created involved two bottles of champagne, endless jokes, 10 albums and several hours of photographing. To say the least it was the best shoot I've ever styled and I cannot wait for the next!

Huge thank you to Neish, Cort, Jayson and Raven for contributing your time and energy. I couldn't have asked for a better team to collab with!

Photographer: Cortney Watson
Stylist: Jordan Butcher
Stylist Assitant: Raven Chapman
Creative Director: Jayson Carter
Model: Neish Culbreath 

jordan butcher