PREMIERE: Bobbi Rush Releases First Single 'Island' from Debut Project

Bobbi Rush releases her first official single, 'Island' from her highly anticipated debut project, MILES EP. You will absolutely be blown away by the growth in her lyrics, the production and most impressively, the maturity in Bobbi's voice. The lyrics are a blanket of desperation for love except you will be submerged in her tone. Her ambience carries a confident subtle sexiness that is effortlessly and brilliantly layered from start to finish. If "Island" is any indication to the sound created for the entire project, we're in for a beautiful fucking ride.

Bobbi explains a little bit about the journey in creating Miles:

"Really, I'm grateful to have had another moment to create something that I love. This EP helped me to 'just say it.' I didn't hold back or second guess anything. It was a pretty easy flow. I will say my biggest challenge, but still not so much, was the music I'd be writing to. Going in I'm thinking , man...what will I say? How do I feel? But instantly the lyrics and melodies just connected so well. This single is titled "Island." To love or be in it, can feel very lonely and like you're surrounded by something much greater than yourself as well. Cheers to this. Hope you enjoy
Be Good."

Miles EP is set to drop the 22nd of this month! Bobbi teamed with Jpeg Mafia for production and Micah E. Wood for production and co-writing.